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Mo Misery
I miss my purple hair:3
How I used to look..
My eye
Hehe cuz I do cool stuff like that

gothic/emo look for me :p
That's just the kinda thing I wear..
different mes! :p
Peace.. I look so stupid derp..
Me last year. Maybe one of the worst days of my life, but some random little girl was in the room with me and a model, and what did she do? She turned to me and told me how beautiful I was. That didn't just make my day, it made my year. I love little kids.

Yeah, that's me
So everyone should check out cassandralove :3 cuz I love her
I love this dress
This is how I express myself x3
Can you see what lies beneath my smile?

Love this pretty flower in my hair :3
8) dorky
I look like such a prep lol I stole that hat from my friend xD
I write love on my arms, so you? twloha
I love this outfit

('''o_) yeah bows are kinda my thing..
I'm so purple:3 that's just my style..
Hehe hair and vest :3
My long hair and big brown eyes
I love this shirt

I love my long, ginger hair
Haha so yeah I kinda like taking pictures of myself :)
Mo Misery