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If You Wanna Party I Got What Your Lookin For, Work Me Baby, Shakin' It The Way I Like, I'm Ready To Be Bad, I Need A Bad Girl ; D!
It Started With A Hug And The Rest Went Like This, I Gave Her Neck A Kissy Kiss She Gave My Neck A Kiss Back I Say We Cut Through It Like A Stack I Mean We Cut Through It Like A G' Girl We Can Act Like Two Damn Fools And Everybody Think We Doing A Dance Move, Call Me So I Can Make It Juicy For Ya Me
You've Been Saying All Night Long That You Couldn't Wait To Get Me All Alone What You Gon' Do To Me Don't Talk About it, Be About It Let Me See ; )!

Baby I Can Give What You Want And Everything You Need, Put Us Both In A Position Where We Can Both Succeed And If It Takes A Sacrifice I Promise I Will Bleed, All The Blessings That I Get I Promise You’ll Receive, Fuck Them Other Nigga's All They Do Is Deceive, Let Me Take Away Your Pain, My J
Hey Darling I Hope You're Good Tonight And I Know You Don't Feel Right When I'm Leaving. Yeah, I Want It But No I Don't Need It, Tell Me Something Sweet To Get Me By Cause I Can't Come Back Home Till' They're Singing, La, La La La, La La La
People Around Me Should Really Have Nothing To Say,  Me I'm Just Proud Of The Fact That I've Done It My Way!
If You Can't Handle Me At My Worst Then You Don't Deserve Me At My Best!